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The Auriplex iEar wireless listening solution has been designed to meet your communication needs in difficult situations where even advanced hearing aids cannot fully help.

What can the iEar do for you?

Flexible, portable, versatile, easy to use and life enhancing, the affordable iEar wireless FM technology hopes to give you the opportunity to engage yourself socially, even in difficult listening conditions, letting you participate effortlessly to small meetings, keep track of family gathering chitchat and have the freedom of listening to sounds whilst sitting 25 m away. It will even complement your T-enabled hearing aid.

Many of us hearing loss sufferers avoid thinking about ears despite the inconvenience and constant reminders from our family and friends. We may, consciously or subconsciously, find ourselves avoiding large gatherings to avoid the misunderstandings and confusion resulting from the difficult listening environments. Some of us even find ourselves increasingly isolated despite our close communal living as we struggle to participate in the banter whilst commuting to work or trying to make sense of the dynamic flow of the conversation in business meetings.

We have designed the iEar to improve your hearing ability.

For example:

  • Boost your existing hearing aid with iEar's wireless technology: just turn on both to T mode and you can enjoy the long range, full flexibility, clearer sound and augmented freedom of wireless technology with the customised settings of your personal hearing aid.
  • With the ultra portable iEar, we hope you will have a value proposition such that you don't need to waste the better part of half an hour before a meeting or presentation setting up a telecoil loop in meeting rooms.
  • If you have purchased the wireless iEar system, your child will not have to copy the notes of classmates to fill the gaps in understanding because she could not read the lips of the teacher while the latter spoke while facing the board. If the teacher wears the iEar transmitter: your child will be able to hear everything she says as long as she is within 25 metres.
  • Put on the iEar and you can keep watch of your kids at the playground and know when they have strayed too far away, while you enjoy a book on a nearby bench.
  • Inexpensively help prevent further degradation to your hearing nerve from hearing problems using the iEar to stimulate the inner ear.
  • Enjoy a romantic dinner at the restaurant without having to worry about the background noise thanks to your iEar.
  • Significantly enhance your ability to listen to any of your existing audio equipment, e.g. personal music players, hearing aids, mobile phones by plugging them into the iEar direct audio port

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Usage Scenarios

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» At Dinner

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» While Driving

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» In the park