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The Auriplex iEar wireless listening solution has been designed to meet your communication needs in difficult situations where even advanced hearing aids cannot fully help.

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About one in seven UK residents live with a hearing disability; nine million Britons are thus hard of hearing sufferers. Yet, the hearing care industry caters for less than a third of that number and competition for customers is fiercer than ever

Despite numerous hyped up hearing aid product launches full of buzzwords and jargon, the newly launched devices often give your clients little marginal benefit and frequently fall short of their expectations. And yet, these products still require complex programming from you. Your customers will then need several subsequent counselling/ rehabilitation trips to your practice, costing you and your customers, time and money.

Auriplex presents you with a solution developed with the expert collaboration of University of Cambridge researchers, UK hard of hearing organisations, and of course, dedicated hearing care professionals.

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You can now reach out to the hard of hearing and expand your market share with an able system that will supplement and boost hearing aids in the usual difficult listening environments you encounter with your clients.

You will be able to offer a portable, versatile, easy to use, life enhancing system that:

  • attenuates hearing loss
  • helps prepare clients for use of hearing aids
  • provides the hearing impaired with augmented hearing
  • enhances human interaction
  • delivers clear high fidelity sound devoid of feedback
  • connects easily to audio accessories
  • you can sell straight off the shelf.
  • is suitable for use by mild, moderate and severely impaired users and even cochlear implant wearers.

In short, an ultramodern, flexible solution conceived with the user in mind and that will retail for less than current hearing aids.

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Quotes from our current partners

"This device is a blessing in terms of simplicity of wear and usage."

"Your product has helped me help my customers."

"Counselling and rehabilitating was taking a growing part of my time, and increasing my cost of sale. This certainly helps!"

"What our clients have difficulty understanding is that, unfortunately, no hearing aid is the total answer, no matter how good, or indeed, how expensive it is."

"The price of hearing aids can be a concern to some of our clients, iEar provides a good entry to that rather significant market segment."

"Our customers can be very hard to satisfy although we try our best to adjust their expectation level realistically."

"Certainly makes FM solutions quite a bit more affordable and widespread!"

"Clients disenchanted with the NHS are reluctant to try us in the private sector: iEar is a soft introduction for these guys."

"What a great add on!"

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We want to help you win clients and grow your business. Do please get in touch with us through or through our Contact Us page.

If you would like to find out more about the iEar, you can check the product page and support pages.